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Rally 2022: The National Land Conservation Conference Rally is where over 1,000 people who share your passion for conservation will re-energize and inspire you. We hope you were able to join Quit Drinking Gummies – [Shark Tank] CBD “Reviews” Fake or Real? Quit Drinking Gummies Reviews – Our lives nowadays are loaded with a lot of stress and also obligations. Enduring in this type CBD Gummies For Alcohol Cravings Shark Tank Haha, since the little boss and the boss in red have business affairs, Lao Zhao also CBD gummies for anger management The Shark Tank CBD Gummies I won

Rally 2022: The National Land Conservation Conference

Rally is where over 1,000 people who share your passion for conservation will re-energize and inspire you.

We hope you were able to join us this past October for a virtual gathering packed with diverse topics to explore and great colleagues and friends to learn and share with. Rally has all of the resources you want to take your conservation skills further. There’s no better way to invest in your future and we look forward to celebrating New Orleans, Louisiana September 15-17, 2022.


Rally sponsors demonstrate their commitment to land conservation in front of the largest gathering of conservation leaders in the nation . They support and inspire the future of the environmental movement by helping provid e an expansive conference filled with learning options and networking opportunities that can only be made possible by the Alliance .

Quit Drinking Gummies – [Shark Tank] CBD “Reviews” Fake or Real?

Quit Drinking Gummies Reviews – Our lives nowadays are loaded with a lot of stress and also obligations. Enduring in this type of world is challenging because we need to manage a lot of personal as well as specialist troubles. Living regularly under pressure detrimentally affects the working ability of our brain. In various researches, it has actually been found that taking excessive pressure can risk our lives. This stress along with anxiety, anxiety, anxiousness, and also various other psychological torments that degrade our wellness and also make us the sufferers of various health issues. We have to guarantee that we are psychologically healthy to manage our day-to-day struggles. To stabilize our mental health and also enhance the functioning of our brain, we need a solid option that assists our mind to function appropriately by providing it with all the necessary crucial all-natural components. One best solution is CBD Gummies Quit Drinking, they are CBD-infused sweets that assist in recovering our health very quickly with the help of all-natural as well as natural structure. They aid in purging all hazardous microbes out of our bodies to make them stay healthy and fit.

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These gummies work completely to recover the bodies of customers from the inside. These gummies do this task by supplying all the needed nutrients to our ECS system to ensure that it works properly. They have a full natural formula, which contains all-natural and organic essences just, this formula makes sure that the bodies of customers do not struggle with any kind of unfavorable effects even if they wish to use these gummies for a long term period of time. These chewy gummies can be found in a variety of shades and tastes that make a consumer-friendly product. You can simply recuperate your health by eating these candies as any other sweets often and also say au revoir to all your health problems immediately.

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All the ingredients utilized in the making of these gummies have actually been selected with utmost precision by a panel of various health supplements. An item can only be useful for its consumers if it treats the bodies of consumers with all-natural active ingredients. We will never pick that may recover our bodies in today but adversely affects our bodies in the future. The exact same chooses these gummies, they not just provide our bodies with instant remedy for various health problems yet additionally boost our health in the future. The major element used in the making of these gummies is CBD that is extracted from pure hemp and also aids our bodies to recoup naturally in a brief period of time. All various other ingredients made use of planned of these gummies are as complies with-.

  • Coconut oil.
  • Olive oil.
  • Eco-friendly tea essences.
  • Ginger removes.
  • Lavender oil.
  • Minerals and vitamins.

Quit Drinking CBD Gummies Benefits.

If you have never made use of CBD, it would certainly be totally sensible for you not to get what the serious deal with it is. There are a lots of benefits that go along with usage, yet one of the substantial factors that people have started utilizing it is to easily remove alcohol from their daily timetable. It can aid you with continuing to be favorable as well as low pressure while you do therefore! Below are some various reasons individuals make use of Quit Drinking Gummies as a component of their lives:.



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  • Torment Administration.
  • Nodding off as well as Staying Asleep.
  • Diminished Inflammation.
  • Lower Blood Glucose.
  • Less Tension.
  • Better State of mind.
  • Improved Psychological Focus.

Better Joint Health.

As you can see framework that review of benefits, while stopping drinking is an examination all alone, it furthermore goes along with relevant difficulties. CBD, like a substance, addresses a significant variety of those difficulties. That is the factor an ever-increasing number of people choose to accept it as they accept the adventure that is continuing with their lives with drinking any kind of longer.

How do these gummies help our bodies to perform better?

We all recognize that all our bodily functions are regulated and also regulated by our brain. Our brain with the support of the endocannabinoid or the ECS system controls the working of our entire body. These gummies enhance the working of our ECS system by providing it with the correct nourishment to make sure that its receptors can transfer various signals and also commands of the ECS system successfully to various parts of our bodies. If our ECS system will do completely then all physical functions will do properly without dealing with any issues. You need to take these gummies frequently to improve and also promote the effective functioning of our ECS system.

Quit Drinking CBD Gummies Side Effects.

There is constantly a minor threat that specific individuals will experience some type of incidental results when they start utilizing this substance. They will not take place for every one individual that takes them, and they are typically small as well as successfully look after. Considering that they can take place, we will certainly offer you all the health and wellbeing and also protection information that you need prior to sending your demand today!

On the off opportunity that you discover any kind of extreme subordinate impacts when you begin utilizing Quit Drinking Gummies CBD, stop make use of and speak with your PCP right away. Specific people determine to have a discussion with a medical specialist before they start utilizing the item to find out about their existing well-being. That is never an impractical concept!

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Several individuals are attempting to stop drinking nowadays, and also a ton of them are using CBD to aid. The interest for first-class things similar to this one has never ever been higher. At the factor when the rate of interest for a product increases, the cost typically follows straight behind it. Since we would certainly prefer not to guarantee you a Quit Drinking CBD value that isn’t specific, we have one more overview for you all things considered.

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To make certain that you are getting the most decreased possible Quit Drinking CBD Gummies cost, request right now given that the cost is just mosting likely to rise over the long run. The best area to track down the current reviewing data is the authority site. We made it easy for you to show up. You must merely click any one of the connections on this web page!

Quit Drinking CBD Gummies Reviews.

We have actually made it our responsibility to find one of the most suitable things for our perusers’ wellness. At the factor when we find an option that provides the quality that we expect for our perusers, we can barely wait to enlighten our perusers worrying it as promptly as time permits. This is probably the most effective one obtainable. To get your stock, request straight from the authority Quit Drinking CBD Gummies website. Continuously request from the resource when possible!

On the off possibility that you know someone that might be keen on including this product to their life, ensure that they read this also. Utilize the social fastens over to send them this v survey today. A financial debt of gratitude is for reading and best of health and wellbeing to you!

CBD Gummies For Alcohol Cravings Shark Tank

Haha, since the little boss and the boss in red have business affairs, Lao Zhao also CBD gummies for anger management The Shark Tank CBD Gummies I won t stay here, but the food and drinks are already prepared.Just send it to the Yunzhou Marquis.Hongyi said with a smile.Boss Zhao CBD gummies for sleep and pain s expression immediately brightened, and then he quietly withdrew.For a time, the hall of Yangquan Restaurant suddenly became quiet.Although some young people in the arena didn t know who the woman was in front of them, it was definitely not an ordinary master who could make Dao Wuhen salute.However, CBD gummies tinnitus reviews The Shark Tank CBD Gummies Yueluyun did not move, but asked, It seems that Senior Ajue has been waiting for a CBD gummies 240 mg long time.Ajue s face was no different Mr.Yue, why did you say this Although Senior Ajue is out The elder of Yun, and he had a great miracle CBD gummies shark tank favor to Izumo, if Senior Ajue invited, Izumo would definitely go to the appointment.

Now that such a little known character in front of him jumped out and said that Fengming Pavilion s head Qingcheng was his sister in law who had never been there, You Yebai could already guess that Yuechuyun had some murderous intentions in his heart.Moon Izumo does have a killing intent in his heart, and it is a killing intent that destroys the whole family.You Yebai guessed it, but he guessed it wrong.After all, the rivers and lakes are so big, where to buy CBD gummies seattle no one could have imagined that Yue Izuyun, the direct disciple of the head of Fengming Pavilion, can diabetics eat CBD gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies was actually his master, but he didn t wait for Yue Izuyun to say anything., but heard Zheng Sanniang s voice coming from outside the door.Lord Prefect, this way please s I really don t understand some people, they know the master and apprentice c in this book, but they still need CBD gummies buffalo a villain who is destined to be killed.

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Why do I feel that what I want to do is under your control A Fei shook his head There is no good end to leaking the secret, and I still want a good death.Also, I almost forgot to tell you two things, one is good news and the other is bad news, which one should you listen to first.Yue Izumo thought about it and said, Listen to the good news first.A Fei was stunned for a moment Don t you always listen can you give dogs CBD gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies to the bad news first Yuechuyun said blankly The premise of listening to the bad news first is that the good news is at least equal to the bad news.If the good news cannot save the bad news, it will be even more desperate.There is no difference between the CBD gummy bears to quit smoking shark tank two.Nice logic.Ah Fei praised, order CBD thc gummies Well, the good news is that you don t have to worry about what Xiao Chengfeng will do to you next.Why Tsukizumo cv sciences plus CBD oil gummies asked.

What Yue Izumo could not ignore was the wooden sword in front of him.Indeed, the shape of this sword really looks like a wooden sword, but it wasn t until Yueluyun personally held the sword in his hand that he realized that the material of this sword was still The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles metal, and it was a kind of material that he had never seen before.Metal.Obviously, this kind of metal do CBD gummies help with cramps is a unique product of this world, its color is like dead wood, but it has the unique cold touch of metal can CBD gummies help with alcohol cravings in most popular CBD gummies the hand, and the weight of this jolly cubes CBD gummies sword is only a little heavier than ordinary wooden swords, even if the moon rises.Yun can also use this sword very casually, and the blade is slightly narrower than ordinary long swords, which is more suitable for women to 100 hemp gummies CBD use, but Yueluyun is fifteen or six years old at this gas station CBD gummies time, and it is just right to use this sword, after all, his height is also A big problem.

Twelve Demon Sword, Feng Mingyue Izumo, I didn t expect to see so many young heroes today, it s really a joy.things.Lin Langzhao smiled and called the names how many gummies come per bottle in diamond CBD of several people present, but none of them were missed, and the people who were called were also excited.kind of recognition.No matter in anyone s mind, this kind of recognition is much CBD gummies ky more important than those false names in the arena.I have also heard about The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles today s incident.It is reasonable for a few friends to come to find Ambassador Sun Qi.However, this matter is very important.How can Ambassador indica and CBD gummies Sun Qi decide Understand the difficulty of Sun Qi s envoy.Lin Langzhao said softly.After saying that, Sun Li breathed a sigh of relief.With Sword Lord Lin Langzhao CBD gummies for sleep in canada saying so, naturally these people in front of him would not continue to be aggressive, and immediately looked at Lin CBD gummies to help me sleep Langzhao eagerly.

, the corners of his CBD gummies 2019 mouth also evoked a smile, which made the girl opposite also give birth to a hint of admiration.A gentleman like jade Chapter 7 Qingyan Pavilion Ye CBD gummies in iowa Xiaoxiao Dare to ask the son, I don t know this song is made by the son The four eyes are facing each other, whether it is the girl in yellow or Yuechuyun, they are very calm, although it is only CBD gummies for anxiety 2021 the first highline wellness CBD gummies reviews time, but Yuechu However, Yun was inexplicably familiar with the girl.The girl s voice is very nice, like the shallow wind chanting echoing in the empty valley, Best CBD Gummies Gold Bee The Shark Tank CBD Gummies ethereal yet gentle.Such a voice is enough to attract the attention of everyone present, and listening to the curious and expectant tone, before seeing the person, people draw a playful and clever figure in their hearts.Yue Izumo couldn t help but be lost, but he secretly thought that this seemed a little rude, he immediately retracted 1000 mg of CBD gummies his eyes, and looked at the girl in front of him and said loudly This song is called Qianben Sakura, and it can barely be considered that I made it.

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Master, the news is back.Come in.The door was pushed open, and Sun Feiliang, dressed in fan clothes, walked in, with a very similar pink voice.Master, there is news from Yangzhou City that Senior Fengming Pavilion Qingcheng is temporarily staying at Songfeng Inn for more montana valley CBD gummies price than half a month.Can you find out who is next to her Yue Chuyun asked calmly.It s a girl named Lingyue.The person who came back from the news also said that Senior Qingcheng came to Yangzhou this time to see the peach blossoms in Yangzhou.When Tomorrow.Yue Chuyun suddenly smiled Fei Liang, how can there be such a coincidence in the world, and you want me to see her when I least want to see her.Master, although this disciple doesn t understand a lot The Shark Tank CBD Gummies of things, he also knows that this is fate, not coincidence.Sun Feiliang said seriously.

I don t talk about big love but not much love.For CBD gummies 120 mg me, this is the most affectionate person who can sacrifice his life to protect the cherished The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles person.So I am willing to cooperate with Brother Yue, make friends, because you will never worry that such a friend will kill you at a certain moment.After Jian Twelve finished speaking, he was silent, and the other two seemed to be in deep thought.So there were fewer people talking in the night, and three more drunk people.It was smitz CBD gummies silent all night, and as the first ray of sunshine in the morning white label CBD gummy bears dispelled the twilight, the three finally woke 100 narural CBD oil gummies up from their slumber, just staring at each other, they felt that this seemed a bit indecent, and then they moved towards their residence.And also along with this morning light, it was naturally the sound of the flute from the courtyard where Qingcheng lived.

It took half a year to come across a snow peak, and he even obtained a snow jade in the cold pool at the top of the snow peak Xueyu s appearance in this world was actually quite in line with the meteorite iron that day.Master Tie was very pleased and returned CBD bear gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies home with two kinds of natural materials.First, he burned incense and fasted for seven, seven and forty nine days, and then released all the magical weapons that he had created in 5 count CBD gummies his lifetime.It melts into the sword house, which is for the The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles sacrifice of the sword house.Eighty one days later, all The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles the magic weapons were finally re turned into molten iron, and Master Tie officially began to build.Meteorite from outside the sky comes from outside the sky, the fire of the sky can t melt, how can the fire of ordinary fire do it.However, the existence of Xueyu just solved this problem.

This smile surprised Xing er.It was rumored in the Jianghu that the expressionless Demon Sword Twelve would laugh.Fortunately, Jian Twelve immediately said, Miss Xing er, what brother Yue said is to do., I think he naturally has his reasons.Xing er immediately followed suit, but she didn t know how many people had just left, but a faint sigh came from the courtyard, and then she saw Qingcheng gently come to the courtyard, with a white jade bell in her hand.There was a crisp sound.Apprentice, what is your real purpose Qingcheng seemed to be muttering to herself, but her eyes finally stopped on the white jade bell in her hand.She has been in retreat for three CBD gummies and birth control The Shark Tank CBD Gummies months, facing each other day and night.How can I not know that this white jade bell has been hanging on Yuechuyun s waist.Besides, if you want to kill people silently in holistic health CBD gummies rachael ray such do CBD gummies work the first time an environment, apart from your apprentice s Mo Wen Xin Fa, what other martial arts can you do I know.

And the sword twelve swords behind Chen Siyu Chen Siyu was like this, the corners of his mouth were slightly curved, and then he ignored the surprised eyes of several people present, went straight to Yuechuyun, pushed the wheelchair with both hands, and walked out the door.Seeing this, Di Tai immediately turned a cold face in front of Yueluyun, but he best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies was not afraid of Jian Twelve Where do you want to take Mr.Yue Jian Twelve did not explain, but asked Do you want to stop I Di Tai s face became colder and colder, and seeing this, Yue Izumo had no choice but to say, Brother Di, don t be impatient, the twelfth brother just saw that Izumo was inconvenient, CBD gummies dosage chart so I brought Izumo to answer Qin Shaoxia The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles s appointment, but I was looking at Izumo.Come on, the twelfth brother shipping CBD gummies is obviously unable to control the wine bugs in his stomach, so don t worry about it.

No one can tell until the last moment, the strength of these CBD gummies good for you musicians is not weaker than me, and it would be a little too playful to say this now.I m going to you, Brother Yue, right It s not a serious thing to say.It should have come out of your mouth.Qin Langge s worldview collapsed, which made Yuechuyun feel the urge to rub it on the ground, but Qin Langge ignored Yuechuyun s expression at all.Instead, he continued in a voice that only the two of them could hear Brother Yue, don t be humble, I just heard from the great Confucians over there, that this poem can be passed down through the ages, even they can t do it.Come up with words to compare it with.It seems that you have already prepared for this game, no wonder you have been leisurely and leisurely these days.Glancing at Qin Langge, this guy immediately smiled and went the original CBD gummy bears directions back to sit down, while Ruyan on the side saw the two of them chatting happily, and immediately joined in CBD gummies reduce blood sugar The Shark Tank CBD Gummies and asked, Mr.

There are so many complicated things, they are really boring.Cai Xiaowu smiled even more when he saw this, and his eyes fell on best CBD gummy for pain the young man CBD gummies for aches and pains in front of him, but he couldn t help but praise In the capital that day, Master Yue, the swordsman., Xiao Wu will already feel that the son is the dragon and the phoenix among the people, and now I see you megyn kelly and CBD gummies again, the son is actually better than before, but he is much stronger than those self proclaimed romantic people in the rivers and lakes.s It s the beginning of the month, it s time to take a wave Monthly pass brothers Chapter 65 Miss Xing er Have you heard that there is a big man coming to the Qianjin Gang today, and I don t know who is a master of any school or faction.All the people in Jinling City are discussing such topics.As the center of everyone s discussion, Yue Izumo was lying leisurely in the guest room arranged by the money gang.

, how can people not help but want to slap and slap over.Yue Izumo thought for a while, and softly best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies spit out two words talent Sister Fangfang was helpless, knowing that she might be mad if she continued to talk to this guy in front of her, so she said, Miss Xiaoxiao s room, Mr.Yue should be clear, my sister won t take reputable CBD gummies brands The Shark Tank CBD Gummies you up.Also, Miss Xiaoxiao I ordered to prepare a quiet top for Mr.Yue, my sister has already CBD gummies triple strength 600mg prepared it, and when Mr.Yue sees Miss Xiaoxiao, I will take you to see it.Thank you so is nature boost CBD gummies legit much, Sister Fangfang.Thank you, jolly CBD gummies rachel ray thank you.I have to say that the first person you met was my elder sister, but you can t forget your elder sister when you become famous.Yue Chuyun said solemnly, Of course not.Sister Fangfang didn t care, just smiled and said Okay, I won t bother you to see Miss Xiaoxiao.

Such a strange movement is rare in the real world, and even with so many masters here, he doesn t think he can beat such a movement.As a person who does not understand martial arts, how can Wang Junche of Qingping resist such a sudden attack.No, their target is the prince.Jiang Bai finally reacted, and without hesitation, he chased after the shadow.It s a pity that he is far away from King Qingping, and Ye Xiaoxiao s movement is not slower than him.Jiang Bai is destined to be unable to block or chase this sword.Yueluyun sighed, and the sigh was long enough for the sword in Ye Xiaoxiao s hand to come to King Qingping.Everyone in the rivers and lakes present showed a bit of panic, because if King Qingping died here tonight, then the court and the rivers and lakes would be on the same page after tonight.

After all, he was in a hurry, and You Yebai didn t know what was written on it.When he took it out, he naturally wanted to see it clearly.But You Yebai just glanced at it, and a feeling of coolness immediately appeared in his heart.Thinking of Yueyue s unfathomable smile at the end, You Yebai suddenly felt a bit of regret in his heart.It seems that the good news in his mouth should not be told CBD berry gummies to Yueluyun.The news on the fun drops CBD gummies cost note was naturally a plan made by The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles Yue Izumo not long ago.However, the plan could not keep up with the changes, and Yue Izumo lost how to make CBD gummies recipe an opportunity to enter the imperial court, which undoubtedly made his plan and action a lot more difficult.However, the arrival of Princess Changle s flawless love gave Yueluyun a chance.You Yebai, who had read all the content on this piece of paper, naturally understood that The Shark Tank CBD Gummies this was an opportunity that could be called a chance to survive.

Pfft Huang Xiaotu, you said that your conscience won t hurt.Brother, when have you ever seen me have a conscience Seeing this, Yue Izumo immediately folded his hands and looked at Luo Qinghuan.Brother, now that everyone s expectations have returned, I can only light wax for you in my heart.This is the last warmth I can give you.Brother, light wax.You little bean sprouts, don t talk.Luo Qing Huansheng Wulian waved his hands to look at Qu Yun and Sun Feiliang, I don t agree, lucent valley CBD gummies reviews I ask for a fairer way to decide who stays.Qianye Changsheng pointed to the Xuefeng Bingwang flute at his waist again, and then gave Luo Qinghuan a look at yourself.When the other people saw this, they immediately did the same.For a while, there was half a sapphire short stick in front of Ah Xiao.Lu Weifang put the two knives behind him in front of him.

Wherever he goes to play, he has no worries and is at ease, paradise island CBD gummies reviews which is indeed something to be happy about.Moreover, Moonlight Cloud smelled an extremely weak smell of alcohol from the monk in front of him.If a person wants to be contaminated with alcohol, unless he has drunk a lot, he is the guy in the wine shop.If there is a star or a half how long to feel CBD gummies on the clothes, it will not be long before no one can smell the alcohol.The monk has walked all the way, obviously he plus pineapple coconut relief CBD gummies 100mg has walked a lot, and now there is still alcohol on his body, which can only show that the monk in front of him is also a monk who does not obey the rules and regulations.Yueluyun suddenly became interested, and he suddenly had an inexplicable idea.Since this monk is a monk who does not obey the rules and regulations, then take him to break or break the precepts, and the monk is also very willing to come.

When I saw him today, I saw that he was dressed in a dignified and elegant purple dress and had a pretty face, which was no worse than Qingcheng.Perhaps it was the precipitation of time, or perhaps the original best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies character of Elder Qingzhi was like this.The moment the sound of the piano came from her fingertips, Yueluyun understood the indifference in the heart of the woman in front of her.If I get it, I will lose my life.If we can stay together for a long time, the greatest gift of nature, if we are separated from each other, we can also send lovesickness to the bright moon for thousands of miles, and finally bury all the lovesickness in our hearts.Elder Qingzhi s sera labs CBD miracle gummies violin sounds have a taste of years, and the disciples of Fengming Pavilion present are all immersed in this aftertaste, but Yue The Shark Tank CBD Gummies Chuyun can hear that she has something on her mind, and it should be ten years ago.

Yueluyun didn t hide it, but just put best CBD gummy for pain and anxiety the sword back into the body of Tingzhuqin, and tropical CBD gummies then CBD oil the good gummies said The wind is suffocating and the The Shark Tank CBD Gummies skittles CBD gummies water is cold, and the strong man will not return once he has gone.It is not so much a cold internal force.Rather, it is an atmosphere, an atmosphere of sadness and loneliness.So this is not an internal best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies skill Yuechuyun nodded Yes, this is indeed not an internal skill, if you can, you can call it an internal skill.melody.Qufeng Luo Qinghuan was silent, Yue Chuyun was born in Fengming Pavilion, this song style is obviously something only Fengming Pavilion, he didn t understand, so he didn t ask any more.Okay, talk about it.Come on, why did you come to kill me Yue Izumo asked when he saw it.To collect money from people, to eliminate disasters for others.Someone bought my life Don t ask me, I don t know who wants to kill you, I m only responsible CBD gummies 250 mg effects for taking orders and then killing people.

After Myolie described the situation outside, the first image in CBD gummies baltimore Yueluyun s mind was actually a plump with a shiny face.The picture of a woman dazzling and counting money.Shaking his head, Yue Chuyun chose not to complain about Zheng Sanniang, because after the noise outside had subsided, Cai CBD gummy contract manufacturer Xiaowu was finally ready to take the stage.Pa As the sound of slapping the table after Cai Xiaowu came to the stage spread The Shark Tank CBD Gummies throughout Liao Zhai, the rustling sound finally disappeared from the court.Although Cai Xiaowu was indeed not worthy of the attention of these people, but for his own curiosity , but these people had to hold back their voices.After all, the incomplete version of the story was circulating in Jinling City during this time.Seeing this, Cai Xiaowu took a deep breath and said, The sky is full of frost on the Pinghu Lake in Shili, and every inch of blue silk is melancholy.

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The killing in his sword intent was completely resolved.Immediately, Qiu Wu walked out.Yue Izumo couldn t help but admire this sword heart.Although this killing does CBD gummies contain thc sword intent was performed by himself, Yue Izumo himself didn t know how to face such a sword intent.Qingcheng let go best CBD gummie expo west 2019 of this sword, although he took it head on, but avoided the unparalleled edge of this sword.The next second, Qiu Wu rubbed Moonlight Cloud over his left shoulder, and a fair and slender right hand was already waiting there, with a sword best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies in his hand, Qingcheng lightly tapped at his feet, his body spun gracefully while carrying a sword in his backhand, this sword actually It came from the heart behind the moon and clouds.A wry smile spread to the corners of his mouth, and it was clear from the moment Qiu Wu started again, Yue Chuyun, and then it was bound to be Qingcheng s strongest sword.

Qin Langge explained with a smile.Yueluyun suddenly found that there was nothing wrong with Qin Langge s words, so he fiercely compared his middle finger to him.Qin Lange didn t care, he just drank tea for himself, and then said leisurely This is just like Brother Yue s character, watching Brother Yue s plans these days, it seems like a different person, it really makes people feel a little green CBD gummies united kingdom bit different.I m uncomfortable.Oh, then which one do you think is the real me Whether it s Brother Yue in Yunzhong City or Brother Yue today, aren t they still Brother hemp bombs gummies tested contain no CBD Yue People who travel in the arena will eventually change because of various things in the arena, but some things cannot be changed, that is, the original intention at the moment of stepping into the arena.As long as the original intention remains unchanged, Brother Yue will still be Brother Yue, and will never change.

Holding the sword in his left hand, he slashed out without hesitation, and the sword went out with all his strength, so that there was a bit of white sword glow above the sword s edge.A wave of ripples echoed in the air, this is the fluctuation caused by the sword glow.And Yueluyun suddenly changed his moves, and he was able to complete the reversal with one sword in a hurry, and it can be called the four words of kendo.What is the sword The Shark Tank CBD Gummies and CBD gummy manufacturers private label what is the sword If it is said that the sword is the principle of the sword, then the sword is itself and the source.If there is no sword, what is the heart and what is the heart If it is said to be the principle of CBD gummies greg gutfeld The Shark Tank CBD Gummies the heart, then the heart is the Tao source.If you don t mind, how come A person who really understands the sword will not struggle with every move, because no matter how he makes a move, as long as he has a sword in his heart, the sword is already destined to be a move before he makes a move.

You Jun Wuxia had never seen such a brazen person before, so he stared at Yue Chuyun for a while and didn t know how to describe him.Seeing this, Yueluyun shook his head, then picked up the wine glass in front of him from the table, and gestured slightly in front of Jun Wuxia before saying, It was indeed my idea to use Her Royal Highness as a chess piece back then, but now I see that Her Royal Highness is living here without any restrictions., but the essence is still house arrest.Jun Wuxia didn t know, so he had to listen quietly to Yue Izumo and continue.His Royal Highness CBD gummies 5 mg the Princess should not have been implicated in this muddy water.Izumo made this decision back then, and the fault was indeed Izumo.As the voice of Yue Izumo came slowly, Jian Twelve and You Yebai beside him At the same time, they couldn t help but look back The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles at each other, the best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies meaning in their eyes couldn t be more obvious, when did they see Yue Izumo apologize to someone Putting the wine glass in front of him, he continued Since the matter has come to this point, it s CBD oil gummy bears uk useless to say anything, Izumo can t risk his own life because of his apology The Shark Tank CBD Gummies to Her Royal Highness, so the next time, Her Royal Highness must be here.

Although Gu Lao had an infuriating barrier around his body, the four sound blades still penetrated the infuriating barrier and came to Gu Lao.Gu Lao was unmoved, the dagger in his hand was gently picked out, and the sharp sword energy on the sword body flew, and the sound blade was scattered before it could reach his eyes.This sound blade is weird.I felt that the short sword in my hand suddenly became a little heavier out of thin air, and a serious look finally flashed in Gu Lao s eyes, but Yue Chuyun was already in front of him, and Gu Lao couldn t care about feeling the sword.The change.As soon as the sword s edge turned, Gu Lao volleyed a backhand and slashed a sword.However, in the night, there was a flash of an afterimage not far away.The next moment, the sword qi blasted nirvana CBD gummies reviews the ground, and the dust was flying, but the moon and clouds were not seen.

It s a pity that he wants to go with the boy surnamed Yue, then we can t blame us.The spy retire immediately after hearing the words, while the man in black continued to ponder, and couldn t help but mutter to himself This step is a dark chess game.It has not been discovered yet, as long as you all want to go The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles to the capital to capture the magic weapon, then I will have a way to leave you all behind.There is no official road in front of the village, and there is no shop in the back.This kind of place is most suitable for ambush, because no one will see anyone who kills people in this kind of place.And don t worry about not being able to dispose of the body, just find a place to throw it everywhere.One, two, three, four, a total of ten killers, Qin Shaoxia, there is no pressure.Yue Chuyun smiled as he looked at the man in black who was lined up in front of him.

Presumably there will be many people CBD gummy lab analysis review listening to you.Come back to investigate after the news.Once it is confirmed that you are not dead, I am afraid that many people will come to take your head.Luo Qinghuan said with a smile on his face.Moon Izumo nodded You think that now I will care if someone comes to hunt me down, there are only a handful of people who can beat me, and there are only a handful of people who can take me with a sword and not CBD cannabis gummies amazon prime be defeated.It s just to die, and since the rivers and lakes are so big, even if some people want to find me, they won t find me for a while.Luo Qinghuan rolled his eyes Co author, you haven t worried about this problem at all.Ordinary people come and get me.My life is nothing but death, and it will take some time for the top players to appear in the arena.

When did Jian Twelve start thinking about shooting It s a matter of proportions.Lu Weifang followed behind everyone, the Western Regions Holy Sect s Qinggong was extremely strange, obviously he didn t see much movement, what is in eagle hemp CBD gummies but his figure followed a few people steadily, obviously not using all his strength.A few people laughed CBD gummy bears depression anxiety and followed behind Jian Twelve, but when they saw the moon out of the cloud, they found that he was parked far ahead.There was a sound of fighting not far away, Jian Shizun s face raised a little anxious, but when he was about to rush over to take a look, he saw an extra left hand blocking the way.Don t worry, look carefully, the good show has just begun.Yue Izumo said best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies and motioned Jian Twelve to calm down, and Jian Twelve looked up at the place where the fight was not far away.

Also lazy s After a few days of rest, I ll resume it this month.Chapter 64 There is a faint feeling in the King of Hell listening to the moon.This son of my own family has no idea what to do, and since he left Luozhou, it has become more and more real.However, Lingyue couldn t help but worry.She naturally couldn t forget the deadline that Yuechuyun said, the martial arts conference.Lingyue didn t know what the martial arts conference meant to Yuechuyun, but she remembered that Yuechuyun once said As time was running out, she had sunmed CBD blueberry gummies a very bad feeling.The night was as cold as water, and the sound of rain outside the window continued.Lingyue had already returned to her room to rest, but Yuechuyun was still pondering the night rain outside the window.In fact, just after arriving in Suizhou City today, Yue Chuyun raised some doubts in his heart.

The only quiet place in the Cuiyun Building is here., the most beautiful things in the can you give a dog a CBD gummy The Shark Tank CBD Gummies world are in Miss Lingyue s room, who else in the world dislikes monks, you say yes.Monk Pi closed his eyes and put his hands together I Buddha never taught me this question.My Buddha who rides a horse Yue Izuyun silently despised Monk Pi in his heart, and then followed Lingyue quietly.The decoration of The Shark Tank CBD Gummies the room revealed a somewhat elegant atmosphere.Although Yuechuyun had already expected it, the girl s heart in the small section still couldn t help but feel that it was not worth listening to the moon to stay in the Cuiyun Building.On whitelabel CBD gummies the table in front of the window is a guqin.There is no dust on the body of the qin, which shows that the owner attaches great importance to this qin.Yueluyun brushed the strings with one hand, then sighed and turned his eyes to another place and said, This qin is a little sad.

The old man shook his head, obviously disapproving of Yueluyun s actions, but Yueluyun didn t care, and his feet fell lightly on the boat like a feather., and then a person stood silently at the bow of the boat.Boatman, if you can start the boat, start the boat as soon as possible.Don t worry, I m very lucky.The boatman nodded, and then sat down again and rested on the stake.There were not many people on the boat, but they were all boring at first glance, so Yue Izumo naturally didn t want to sit with them, and immediately went to sit on the bow of the boat.Unexpectedly, as soon as Yue Izumo sat down, there was a sound of extremely steady footsteps on the shore.When he looked back, he saw a fat monk in a gray monk robe walking over, and it seemed that he was also going to cross the river.The old boatman s face darkened, because he never liked monks.

road.I am a teacher, and my teacher is in Fengming Pavilion.I grew up here.My cured bomb CBD gummies uncle and my uncle taught me martial arts and taught me to read and read.So everything here is in the heart of a teacher, and it is naturally more important than being a teacher.A lot.Then what if the division is compared to those people at the foot of the mountain Yue Izumo then asked.Naturally it s the teacher s door.Qingcheng s answer was extremely positive, but there was a hint of reluctance in his tone.Seeing that, how are gummies medicated CBD Yue Izumo immediately knew that his master CBD oils and gummies couldn t bear to use such a method, so he smiled and said, The most important thing in Master s heart is benefits of 10mg CBD gummies the sect, for the sake ofTeachers can naturally discard some things.In the same way, after top rated CBD gummies at has stations Master rescued Yun s life twice, the most important thing in Izumo s heart CBD gummy in the inland empire is Master, even the current Master s sect is not as important as Master.

Ah Xiao said calmly, The word Sacred Soldier in the World, Ye Gushun can be said to be like thunder in the ears of martial arts people.More than a hundred years ago, the lonely soul disappeared into the rivers and lakes and became a martial artist.An unsolved case.Until a few years ago, I heard people say that Ye Gushun had returned to the arena, but the person who used Ye Gushun was a young man named Baidicheng.Baidicheng Yue Chuyun looked carefully at The young man in front of him saw a thin scar on his face.Injury is nothing to the people in the arena, but it is not difficult for the masters of the Tao to repair the injury or even remove the scars best CBD gummies for adhd on the body.The scars remained on his face, apparently for his own reasons.Moon Izumo didn t know the reason for him, but he didn t need to guess to know that the scar had a profound meaning for him.

The emotions in my heart couldn t help but feel a little surging.At this moment, Yue Chuyun just wanted to use a flute to calm his heart.However, for a moment, Yue Chuyun suddenly felt a faint aura that had been staying near him.Turning to look, Yue Chuyun immediately froze in place.How could it be you The figure in the night chuckled softly when he heard the words The parting was just that day, and it was already stated below.When the opportunity comes, Young Master Yue will naturally be able to see him. A Fei s Obviously, this chapter is The Shark Tank CBD Gummies | CBD Edibles a forced explanation.As for the reason, A Fei has not even read the book for a few days.He is a professional in wool writing.When moving bricks, he likes to listen to ancient songs and ran over.Wen, I didn t expect to see comments discussing The Shark Tank CBD Gummies majors.Of course, Fei is not a major, so he won t discuss any majors.

It must be a pleasure to be friends.You don t need to be too polite.King Qingping just said four words softly, and he came to sit in the pavilion next to him surrounded by guards, and then continued Today is the day of the first test of the musicians competition, everyone can come here.Participating in the musicians competition is all for the king s face, and the king will not say other unnecessary words.Now that everything is ready, everyone can t wait for tonight s first test.Then the king will announce the topic of tonight s first shark tank well being CBD gummies test.All the people present were sitting upright, holding their breaths and listening intently to Teemo s upcoming announcement by King Qingping, but unexpectedly King Qingping smiled suddenly, looked at the musicians not far away, and then retracted his eyes and said, Everyone knows about the competition for musicians.

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Good wine and good dishes are ready, I don t need anyone to disturb me.After Yue Izumo finished speaking, he put the gold in the woman s hands, and then quietly found a corner and sat down.The woman seemed to have not recovered yet, and subconsciously took a bite of the gold ingot, and then said in 2000 mg full spectrum CBD gummies surprise, It s really a hundred taels.Young master, the slave family will bring the wine and vegetables to the son.The woman said After spending time in such a place for a long time, you will naturally be able to develop some eyesight.The person in front of smilz CBD gummies stop smoking him is not the one who came here to have fun at all, and he is definitely not an ordinary person with a lot of money, so the best response is to do whatever he says.Anyway, he can earn a hundred taels of gold so easily.Seeing this, Buuyuechuyun nodded, and then sat down and waited for someone.

Seeing that this pair of master and apprentice did not agree with each other and then drew the sword directly, Dao Wuhen suddenly felt fortunate in his heart, fortunately the master he met was not like this.Pfft, it s really bitter.Yue Chuyun spat out what was in his mouth, and then looked at the two people in front of him as if nothing had happened, and grinned suddenly with a smile on his face.By the way, why did Uncle Susu come, and Brother Wuhen, the internal injury will not human CBD gummies reviews recover soon, so it is better to rest a lot.No, there will be no other major problems when the internal injury heals.I have to thank you for your spare effort.Otherwise, I will definitely not recover so easily.Dao Wuhen said indifferently.Yue Chuyun shrugged, not caring about Dao Wuhen s attitude at all, he took off the lotus leaf on his head, held it in his hand and said a pity, and then secretly The Shark Tank CBD Gummies used his internal strength, but in the blink of an eye, the lotus leaf was on the moonrise.

As if frightened, Sun Feiliang asked in astonishment, You actually said to rob senior sister and go back to be a bride and senior sister, do you know what it means to be a bride Qu Yun shook her head, and Sun Feiliang was relieved, as old cannaleafz CBD gummies near me fashioned as a little adult Qiuhen said Senior sister , Don t agree or say these things in the future.Oh Qu Yun replied obediently.Seeing this, Yueluyun couldn t help laughing out loud.Qu Yun had always wanted to be a senior sister from the beginning, green farm CBD gummies but who knew that Sun Feiliang was much more mature than her peers.So not long after, Qu Yun suddenly found out that she had to ask Sun Feiliang about many things to understand, but because of her senior sister s dignity, every time Sun Feiliang said it without waiting for Qu Yun to ask, over time it became what it is now.

But Lingyue reacted immediately, it seems, this is the answer that Yuechuyun should have.Lingyue was completely relieved, and then a bit of joy suddenly rose in his heart.No matter what the moonlight cloud in front of him became, once it was about Qingcheng, he would never become another person he didn t know.Apprentice, you really don t agree Qingcheng asked with a hint of surprise finally flashing in his eyes.No.Yue Chuyun nodded slightly.Although the head of Qingcheng has no teacher or apprenticeship with me, he was indeed my teacher, can you take CBD gummies and melatonin Eunuch Li, you should be clear about this.Li Baiyu nodded, and Yueluyun continued Perhaps Eunuch Li doesn t know the rules of Fengming Pavilion.If a disciple in the sect wants to marry someone, the one who wants to marry must be approved by the entire sect.

The sound of the piano paused slightly, and suddenly The Shark Tank CBD Gummies turned to the bass too much.In front of Jian Twelve, the sword energy seemed to feel the change in the sound of the piano, and afterimages swept out, turning into a mighty river like the Yangtze River.Although the momentum is weak, the sword energy is not stagnant, and the afterimages are connected, like a big river phantom formed purely by the sword energy.When the autumn waters come, hundreds of rivers fill the rivers.The ra royal CBD gummies 1200mg voice of the chant and the tune are green ape CBD gummies legit are not the moon and who is the cloud Chapter 162 Wuxia asks what kind of realm the Taoist realm is.Perhaps only those who truly can you take CBD gummies with blood thinners The Shark Tank CBD Gummies enter the Taoist realm can understand it.Although Jun Wuxia was not from the Jianghu, but in the royal family, how could he know nothing about martial arts Never practiced, but should have seen it.

Ye Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded, but she didn t how many mg of CBD gummy do i need expect Yuechuyun He was able to say these two sentences, but he couldn t say what he wanted to say, as if it was stuck in his throat.He could only watch Yue Chuyun sat down triumphantly, opened the kraft paper package and threw the duck neck into his mouth.Brother, you won.I have never admired someone so much when I grew up.You are the first.Qin Langge said, clutching his forehead, 6 pack CBD gummies feeling rather unlovable.Heh, you admire me a lot.I ve heard it a lot these days.I thought you were used to it.Yue Chuyun focused on eating duck necks without raising his head.you are shameless Aren t you talking nonsense with your eyes open Who said I have no teeth, open your eyes to see clearly, the young master s teeth are white.Qin Langge was annoyed, looking at Yue Chuyun in front of him, grinning and showing him a dazzling expression The sleepy bear CBD gummies big white teeth immediately felt a bit of a best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies toothache, so he turned around and said, You guys eat first, I ll go out to calm down.

Obviously, the current situation is best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies that Yuechuyun s martial arts is not very good, but after a few words, it still falls.Ye Wuxiu s face.If you lose face, you will naturally have to get it back.This is just CBD gummies kenai farms The Shark Tank CBD Gummies like the joke named You Zhan Han in Yuechuyun s memory.What are you looking at, look at you, look at you, and try it again, you can do it if you look at it, look at you beep Beep dry, beep beep, in the end, because of what you look at in the end, it s all because of the word face.So, in the end, we still have to fight, but maybe Ye Wuxiu wanted to clear the suspicion of the person behind him who wanted to rebel, so he waved his right hand, and the men in black behind him turned their attention to Jiang Bai.Jiang Bai, hand CBD gummies and depression The Shark Tank CBD Gummies over the elixir and let you live.Hey, what is the elixir, I haven t seen it and I don t know.

What is the etiquette, and what can CBD gummies for stress and anxiety I eat Some etiquette must be followed, but at this point, it is the king and Laozi who are teaching, and Yuechuyun won t care.The only truth that many idol dramas in the past life summed up is that when you are still struggling with the so called etiquette, others are already getting ready to start digging their feet.Moon Izumo will not give anyone a chance to poach, even such a thought.The breeze blew, and the clear weather suddenly became a little gloomy, obviously it was about to rain.However, this weather has no effect on Yuechuyun.First, the gatherings of Shenma in the Poetry Society are usually what does CBD gummies indoors.The drizzle in the south of the Yangtze River is always so poetic, even if buy CBD gummies santa rosa there is rain, it will only give people more Just inspiration.Of course, the kind of rain that traps people in the sea is not considered to be Qingjiang City.

Moon Izumo resisted the oncoming sound with all his strength, and kept retreating for more than twenty steps before barely standing.Since this sword, just the sound wave has already forced a top ranking expert to such a situation.Yueluyun couldn t help but feel a little surprised.You shark tank CBD gummies review must know that Li Bai s hand is not a qin, but a sword.This move is not the way of music, but the way of swordsmanship.The sword rises and the tide is born, and the swordsmanship is out, why only see the sound of the tide but not the sword.I don t know when, there were three when to take CBD gummy before bed The Shark Tank CBD Gummies more sword qi in the air that was originally empty.This sword energy is extremely solid, and it is like a real sword.The fierce aura spread puur CBD gummies 1000mg reviews The Shark Tank CBD Gummies from the sword body, and it was as oppressive as is CBD gummies the sky was falling to crush people.One breath, two breaths.

For people in the realm of Dao Wuhen, it is difficult for foreign objects to interfere with their hearts.It seems that the Marquis of Yunzhou really wants to see me.Yueluyun smiled to himself, then looked headache after CBD gummies at Ajue in front of him and asked, Senior Ajue, do best online CBD gummies retail you need to inform the outside world, so as not to wait for Boss Zhao of Yangquan Restaurant I sent someone to bring food and drinks, but I The Shark Tank CBD Gummies justcbd CBD gummies couldn t get into the Yunzhou Marquis.Mr.Yue don t need to worry about some trivial matters, the free man will inform you.A Jue shook her head and explained.Yueluyun nodded when he heard the words It seems that the Duke of Yunzhou is really good to Senior Ajue.Apprentice Qingcheng looked at Yueluyun with some reproach, and seemed to blame Yueluyun for suddenly asking about Ajue s family affairs.However, Ajue didn t care, and just asked, How did Mr.

The sword is like a stream of light, but it can easily be turned in the air, as where to get botanical farms CBD gummies if being controlled by someone, the sword rises into the sky when it leaves the hall, and then the scabbard is separated, the best CBD cbg gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies sword body hovers in the air, and the scabbard immediately falls into the giant cauldron in front of the door.middle.His The people present took a breath of cold air at the same time.Although many people can do it, Jianjun s hand is obviously beyond the scope of telephoto.The sword shadow left a mark, and there seemed to be a flash of shock in the air, and when I looked at it again, it was safe and sound.Jianjun didn t change his face, as if he had done a very casual little thing, and then turned to look at Qin Lange.Seeing this, Qin Langge immediately understood what his master was going to do, so he took a sword box from several elders and respectfully handed it to Jianjun.

As for what the blue rings CBD gummies The Shark Tank CBD Gummies flute is telling, it is impossible to hear it Zheng Sanniang was stunned, Xing er was stunned, and Cai Xiaowu Moya was equally stunned.Who would have thought that gummy brand CBD oil the tune played by the number one pianist in the world, Yue Izumo, would be so unreliable.However, Moon Izumo didn t know all of this.At this moment, he seemed to be returning to the scene in his dream.The melody of the green vibes CBD gummies bamboo song echoed clearly in his ears, and he played it step by step while memorizing it carefully.There is no skill at all, and it can even be regarded as clumsy, so this song is naturally a lot boring when heard in the just chill CBD gummies ears of others, and it is not even a song, it best CBD gummy for pain and anxiety The Shark Tank CBD Gummies can only be said to be a connection of sounds.This is the song Mr.Yue wants to record.Cai Xiaowu was the first to ask out loud, causing several people around him to CBD gummies fort myers The Shark Tank CBD Gummies nod, but when he turned his head to look around, he saw Qin Langge and Di Tai both looked solemn.

Whether it is life or death, the young city lord is qualified to decide.Izumo does not want to be contaminated with the blood of innocent people, so I also ask the young city lord to let these people go.I beg the CBD gummies legal in indiana young city lord.Let us go.Young City The Shark Tank CBD Gummies Lord spare your life Save us Young City Lord A cry came from outside the door, and Wu Qingliu froze in place.Once upon a time, the air travel with CBD gummies city lord Wu Shao thought he was a villain, but now it seems that he doesn t know much about the concept of a villain.You think you can walk down Jinyan Peak.Wu Qingliu suddenly calmed down and asked, The masters in Wuling City will be here soon.You really think you can face masters who are several times more than you.Yue Izuyun asked back, Young City Lord, I heard what you CBD gummies orlando said, it seems that you want The Shark Tank CBD Gummies me to let these people go.

The beginning of the story is in a CBD gummies near sanford florida Taoist temple in the Central Plains.There is a small Taoist priest in the Taoist temple, his name is Gu Liufang.This story comes from a TV series called Legend of the Sword and Fairy in the previous life CBD with delta 8 gummies of Yuechuyun, although it is adapted from the fairy sword series game, but the story about Zi Xuan and Xu Changqing was originally written by the screenwriter.Compared with the hidden story clues in the game, this three generation The Shark Tank CBD Gummies love in the TV series is much more upright.Zi Xuan is a descendant of Nu Wa, immortal and immortal, while Xu Changqing s two previous lives were ordinary people.Gu Liufang meets Zi Xuan, but the two end up jumping off a cliff and dying for love.After that, Zi Xuan s journey to pursue love was hard.In two hundred years, Gu Liufang was reincarnated, from Lin Lin Ping to the last Xu Changqing, while Zi Xuan was still Zi Xuan.