Highland Pharms CBD Gummies

CBD gummies provide an easy and enjoyable way to take CBD throughout the day. Browse our range on our website. Highland Pharms CBD Gummies are a full-spectrum CBD product. Each bottle contains 20 CBD gummies with an assortment of flavors in 10mg or 20mg per serving.

CBD Gummies

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Rejuvenate CBD Gummies w/Collagen – 25mg CBD per piece

Great-Tasting Gummies with 25mg CBD and 50mg Collagen!

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Relief CBD Gummies w/Devil’s Claw for Pain – 25mg CBD per piece

Great-Tasting, Vegan Gummies with 25mg CBD and 200mg Devil’s Claw for Pain!

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What are CBD gummies?

CBD g ummies made by Highland Pharms are infused with full-spectrum CBD extracted from the cannabis sativa plant . They’re made with all-natural ingredients and contain no chemical additives. With a naturally delicious flavor and great chewy texture , our CBD gummies are designed for convenience , and formulated for general wellness .

Why CBD gummies?

Simplicity and accessibility are important product attributes for many customers, and there’s no easier way to get a pre-measured amount of CBD oil than with edibles. Forget manually measuring doses; our gummies contain a perfect single dose of CBD, making them quick and convenient. Simply grab a gummy bear and enjoy the benefits of CBD on the go!

We stand by our products and believe that our CBD gummies are the best available on the market, even for the pickiest palettes. Every aspect of the product has been considered, from the taste to the aesthetic detail s .

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Why H ighland P harms CBD gummies?

When it comes to CBD gummies, t here are many different brands from which to choose . However, o ur products compete in thi s highly saturated market as we use whole plant extract —also known as full spectrum— containing wholesome phytonutrients from the cannabis sativa plant, as well as all-natural, non-GMO ingredients. On the contrary, m any popular brands use b road -s pectrum CBD or CBD isolate in their gummies , which is essentially CBD in isolated form , a bsent of other naturally occurring, po tential ly beneficial cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN . Whether you’re interested in trying our 10mg CBD gummies , or our more concentrated 20mg gummies, you can rest assured that all of our edible CBD products have undergone sophisticated in-house and third-party lab test ing to ensure safe consumption and to maximize the potential benefits . (1)

We also offer a range of vegan hemp gummies , made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients — right down to the coloring. These products don’t include corn syrup or artificial additives to sweeten the taste of our product s . Instead, we use organic cane sugar, tapioca syrup, pear juice concentrate , pectin rather than gelatin, and other organic ingredients in place of unnatural additives. We believe in offering only the best possible CBD oil-based products, minus any pesticides or contaminants.

Our line of specialty CBD oil gummies contain ingredients to enhance each formula for specific benefits. We add collagen to our Rejuvenation Gummies to bolster potential benefit for joints, bones, skin , and hair. Our Relief Gummies contain Devil’s Claw to supplement possible pain relief benefits. Refresh Gummies are supplemented with melatonin for better sleep. We also add lemon balm and l-theanine. Our diverse product line allows you to pick the most suitable gummies for your needs.

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Highland Pharms CBD Gummies

Highland Pharms CBD Gummies are a high-end full-spectrum CBD product and reputable brand name throughout the industry. They provide quality hemp-extracted CBD products with a focus on consumer well-being with a genuine interest in helping those with varying conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammation, and others. Each bottle contains 20 CBD gummies with an assortment of flavors, and they’re available in either 10mg or 20mg doses per serving.


The CBD gummies at Highland Pharms are made with organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, pectin, organic grape juice concentrate, citric acid, black carrot juice concentrate, ascorbic acid, organic annatto, organic turmeric, natural flavors, and full-spectrum hemp CBD distillate. The gummies are both gluten and THC-free; however, much like FAB CBD, they’re manufactured in facilities where fish gelatin and soy products are made. Those who have allergies to these types of products should choose a different gummy.

Company Bio

Highland Pharms has been in business since 2015, which makes them one of the oldest CBD companies still in the biz. Their production facility is located in Olympia, Washington, and they also have a corporate office in San Antonio, Texas. This is a business that is very much trustworthy, consistent, and reliable for producing high-quality CBD-rich products. Highland Pharms ensures quality by using third-party laboratory testing procedures, and according to consumer reviews, this is a very reputable company.

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