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Feng Chu read the menu to Ling Yi and asked Ling Yi to order a few dishes.After he added a few dishes, he raised his hand and rubbed Ling Yi s head I m going out for a cigarette, wait for me here, don t run around Ling Yi smiled slightly I m not a CBD gummies dc child, how can I CBD + melatonin gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies run around, Mr.Feng, you go first.When Ling Yi smiled, the corners of his lips were slightly upturned, and he didn t show his teeth.He was always reserved and reserved.a feeling of.Feng Chu resisted the thought of forcing a turmeric CBD gummies kiss, got up and walked out.Ling Yi waited quietly in his seat.He touched his pockets to find his earphones, but Feng Chu didn t put them on him when he just took them off.Although the restaurant was not quiet, Ling Yi didn t want to make any noise.He took a sip of water and slowly waited for Feng Chu to come back.

He couldn t get a definite answer, and he couldn t get a chance to be alone with Ling Yi the sanatorium does not allow outsiders to contact these guests at will., Chen Qian secretly took a photo of Zhang Lingyi sitting on the bench.The young man was wearing a snow white coat.Although the vost of CBD gummis profile of his profile was deep, he looked gentle and beautiful.A ray of sunlight just fell on the bridge of his nose Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Chen Qian couldn t really take a picture of his face.The more he looked at it, the more beautiful he felt.This picture was as usa CBD gummy manufacturer Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies beautiful as it was taken from a movie.It was the first time in Chen Qian s life that such a beautiful photo was taken.Dude appreciate and appreciate what is the beauty of the world.At this time, a phone call came.It turned out that Chen Qian was supposed to go to the company for a meeting in the morning.

Hey, I really envy Sister Man, she has her own things to do.Although Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies sun state hemp 750mg CBD gummies she is busy all day, her life is so interesting.Unlike me, I have Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies nothing to do at home all day long, so I can only buy things for beauty.To pass the time, my husband and son are very annoying.I went shopping with the nanny a few days ago, just because I didn t want the nanny to carry my bags for me, my husband was so distressed that he fired the nanny when he went back.Chu Manwen twitched the corner of his mouth., just want to why do i feel high from CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies break the small sparkling fan in her hand and throw it into the swimming pool.Mrs.Li, who played well with Mrs.Du, sighed Yes, we all envy Sister Man.I heard that Feng Chu is married With a twenty year old child How is the other party Chu Manwen She raised her eyebrows but CBD gummies chicago He s quite handsome, and you can t find him so good looking out of 100,000 people.

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Zhao and Ling Yi.Sandalwood incense curled outside the Buddhist temple, Ling Yi followed Madam Zhao to light the incense.He closed his eyes and made a wish.The how long does CBD gummy take to work sound of people walking around, talking, and the sound of wind and the sound of monks knocking on wooden fish and chanting sutras in the temple did not enter Ling Yi s ears.Gradually blank, actually forgot what he wanted high dose CBD gummies to make a wish.After being stunned for a while, Ling Yi gradually came to his senses and slowly made two wishes.First, I wish Mr.Feng to be safe and smooth, Ling Yi said silently in his heart, Second, I wish Ling Yi to let go of his obsessions.When inserting the incense into the incense burner, Mrs.Zhao reminded Ling Yi Go a little further to the left, we will come early, white cedar CBD gummy memorial day sale Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies and the incense burner will There is no incense yet, and when there are many people, it is easy to get burnt by the incense ash, and there is no place to put it.

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Your partner is not only a It is only a partner, this relationship can also be a friend, if you are reluctant, I will not do anything intimate to you.When Feng Chu saw the photo on the screen of Chen Qian s mobile phone, he realized that Ling Yi s existence was not only It is a temptation for myself, and it is an unspeakable temptation for others.A lot of things have to be done first.Ling Yi looked ignorant, and Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Feng Chu resisted the urge to kiss him and continued to tempt Ling Yi Are you feeling lonely now Your parents are not by your side, you don t have any friends, you wake up alone and sleep alone.Ling Yi, if you marry me, we will be best friends, and you won t feel embarrassed if you need me to do something in the future.Ling Yi loosened slightly Mr.Feng, this matter needs to be considered.

Dr.Zhao didn t mind Ling Yi staying with them at night.When my son was in high school, he was camping in winter, and three people were huddled together in a tent.Feng Chu said Tell me the location, I ll wait.Dr.Zhao There can be no more than four people in the tent Dr.Zhao still remembered that when he asked Lingyi to take a hot why do i feel high from CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies spring, Feng Chu asked the nurse CBD gummies for epilepsy to support him.Open, so that he didn t soak into a hot spring, but was busy for a long time.Feng Chu didn t let him soak in the hot springs, and now he doesn t want four people to squeeze into the tent.Feng Chu didn t plan to we vape CBD gummy bears Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies squeeze a tent with Dr.Zhao.He called the housekeeper.At two or three o clock in the afternoon, Chen Qian happened to be strolling over.Chen Qian is a person who insists on being complacent in life.It takes a day to live a day.

He already knew that this string of beads was made of jade, and because it was given by Feng Chu, Ling Yi took it with him.When Feng Chu saw Ling Yi put it in his schoolbag, he squeezed it.Ling Yi was blind before, so it was not easy to keep everything.Feng Chu thought it would be lost by Ling Yi, but Ling Yi kept it well., Now experience CBD gummies farm bill approved it s also pretty nice to hang it in your schoolbag as a pendant.Ling Yi saw a big What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies hand stretched out in front of him.Feng Chu s palm was very large, and the blue veins on the back of the hand were obvious.Ling Yi was curious about its touch and pressed Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies lightly with his fingertips.Feng Chu held his hand backhand What are you doing Ling Yi praised Mr.Feng s hands are very beautiful.Feng Chu s fingers were CBD gummy reaction vaguely overlapping Ling Yi s.He wanted to do something to Ling Yi, but now he was in a hurry, so he could only let him go first.

Ling Yi broke wana gummies CBD for hemorrhoids Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies the pill apart Mr.Feng, I m always sleepy after taking the medicine.It s normal, Feng Chu said, you usually don t rest too much, so you can rest on the sofa for a while when you myprotein CBD gummies re sleepy.The bedroom is on your right, you can also go to the bedroom.Go to sleep.Ling Yi s phone kept vibrating, and new messages kept coming.During the break he listened to everything, basically CBD gummies dosage give me a phoe numbetf asking about Annette s relationship with him.Ling Yi didn t have any good explanation for this matter.He found the message from Annette and listened to it several times.Feng Chu covered Ling Yi on the sofa with a blanket.He still had some work to do.When Ling Yi was resting, he went back to the study to work.Ling Yi took a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet, and when he was drinking, he suddenly realized that a typical hotel would not have so many rooms, such a comfortable sofa, such a large space, and such a complete set of facilities.

Ling Yi raised her head slightly, Thank you Mr.Feng Feng Chu took care of Lingyi s hair.A few days ago, Dr.Zhao saw that Lingyi s hair was too long, so he could not help but trim it for Lingyi.Now the length is a little under the ear, because it is curly and fluffy, so it is touching.It feels very comfortable.The hair is very beautiful.From the root to the tip of the hair is a beautiful flax color, which is rare.Feng Chu held Ling Yi s chin with his big hand and looked at it, The lips are also very beautiful, can I kiss you What Ling Yi smiled and pushed Feng Chu s hand away No.It wasn t that genuine health CBD gummies he didn t like Feng Chu, it was simply because Ling Yi green flower CBD gummies reviews had never done this before, and he didn t want to try most of the things he had never done before.You kissed Bai Ziyao.He s a child, Ling Yi explained patiently to Feng Chu, and it s just his forehead.

Feng, why are you here Ling Yi s cell phone was given to him by Feng Chu.Yes, it s not difficult for Feng Chu to know Ling Yi s location.He just called Ling Yi three times and didn t answer.He happened to live very close to here, so Feng Chu came directly.Feng Chu said I have a friend novilean CBD gummies who attended this reception, and I was with him, but I didn t expect you to be here.Ling Yi breathed What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies a sigh of relief I lost my mobile phone, my family is not here, and I am asking the hotel staff to arrange it.The driver will take me home.Feng Chu just found out that Ling Yi s mobile phone was in a trash can outside the hotel, he suspected something was wrong 25mg all natural CBD gummies with Ling Yi, so he first came to look for Ling Yi.Feng Chu leaned over and rubbed Ling Yi s hair What did you eat at night I haven t had time to eat yet.

This year, Ling Yi had to rely on his voice to judge many things.However, Ling Yi was always calm, occasionally smiling and talking to relatives who came to say hello.After the wedding, Ling Yi received a living allowance from his father, which is said to be about 3 million for the year.In the early morning of the wedding day, Dr.Zhao and Ling Yi returned to City B together.It was an autumn rain when I came back, and city B was instantly colder.Dr.Zhao drove Ling Yi to the sanatorium.He originally wanted to say something to comfort the child, but Ling Yi seemed to be more open than he thought.When he came back, he slept on the high speed train, and now he fell asleep in the car again.Nursing Liu took the suitcase from Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Dr.Zhao s hand.Before leaving, Dr.Zhao said to Ling Yi, It s cold.I CBD for joint pain gummies ll take you to buy some clothes at night, just to go out to relax.

During the days when Mr.Feng and Mr.Chen lived here, Dean Zhou and other doctors were frightened, for fear that several elderly people would be in the hospital.What happened in the accident.The residences of several elderly CBD gummies for ulcerative colitis people are the best in the park.They are all single family villas, and even have independent hot springs, with the highest security level.Let Ling Yi move in.Dean Zhou hesitated for a moment I m afraid not.Before moving in, Mr.Ling knew the cost of each area.The cost of a single family villa is very high All his expenses are counted on my account.Although Feng Chu doesn t understand why he dissolving CBD isolate for gummy candy is obsessed with a young man in such a short period of time, he has always done things neatly.Now that he is obsessed, there is CBD gummy for weight loss absolutely no reason for him to suffer..Dean Zhou shook his head firmly It still won t work.

The little girls in the school like Ling Yi and put chocolate on Ling delta 8 CBD gummies reddit Yi s table.Meng Xihua thinks he is CBD thc gummies recipe pretty handsome too, why aren t there any little girls courting him Could medterra CBD gummies free sample it be that Ling Yi didn t pull because he always pulls their pigtails Meng Xihua was unconvinced.During class, he rolled a book and used it as a loudspeaker to advertise in class that Ling Yi s parents were divorced, and Ling Yi s mother didn t want him koi CBD gummies review anymore.After school that afternoon, Meng Xihua was dragged into the toilet by the gentle and polite classmate Ling Yi and beaten.Meng Xihua, who was half a head taller than Ling Yi, was beaten so badly that his nose was bleeding.He CBD gummies come up on drug test told the teacher that Ling Yi beat him, The teacher didn t believe it at all.He insisted that Meng Xihua, a troublemaker, fought with others and framed it for Ling Yi.

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We haven t seen each other for fourteen years.Ling Yi said, I don t know the current situation of my mother.Fourteen years Mrs.Zhao CBD sleep tight gummies understands that without contact for such a long time, maybe Ling Yi s mother doesn t know this at can you take CBD gummies and CBD oil together all.The child has gone blind.Even if Ling Yi died suddenly, Ling Yi s mother might not know the situation.Mrs.Zhao s appearance is strong, but she is actually very soft hearted During this time in City B, you can come to my house more.When the winter vacation is over, I will let my son go out to play with you.It best CBD gummies for pain and sleep s not good to be bored in a nursing home alone.Ling Yi nodded.Okay, thank you Aunt Lan.At this time, a smilz CBD gummies reddit company subordinate called, and Mrs.Zhao took her mobile phone and went to the bedroom to answer it.After finishing everything in the kitchen, Dr.Zhao came over.

No one asked, and five or six year old children couldn t resist adults.Ling Hua is the kind of man who can t play all day and doesn t want to have children.Ling Yi was hungry and full when he was a child, and he didn t grow taller during adolescence.Until now, he is only 1.75 canna organics CBD gummies joe rogan meters.Ling Yi has been able to understand why Ruan Qingzhi left for so many years.Any woman will be angry when she finds out that her husband cheated for six or seven years and has an illegitimate child out there who is about the same age as her child.He could also understand why Ruan Qingzhi didn t take himself with him when he left.Mrs.Zhao put a large how to blend CBD tincture oil in gummies handful of delicate yellow roses on the dining table, and she said with a smile Just cook a few dishes, you and Lao Zhao Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies go wash your hands, don t be polite here, just treat yourself as your own.

He took two larger puppies.During this time, the uk CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies golden retriever mother had long been used to this silly male owner showing off her does CBD gummies affect the kidneys children to her friends, so she only looked up lazily, and then lay highest level of CBD available in gummies down Sleep on the mat.Ling Yi touched the puppy s head.He had never touched such a small dog before, and he was a little surprised and hesitant Dr.Zhao, will I crush it Dr.Zhao couldn t help it.Laughed Just touch it, it s eyes are open, it s quite solid.Ling Yi went to stroke the puppy s soft body again.The puppy let out a barking sound, which made people feel itchy.Ling Yi accidentally touched the puppy s cold little nose, and was bitten lightly by the tender teeth.It didn t bite, the puppy s teeth were so immature, and it CBD gummy health benefits didn t really want to bite Ling Yi, but just played with Ling Yi.Dr.Zhao asked Ling Yi to play with the dog on the sofa, and he went to do hemp gummies have CBD oil in them the kitchen to make two quick dishes.

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Ling Yi s mother is 1.82 meters tall, slender and tall, and looks good in any clothes.My father is 1.85 meters tall, and the two of them have very good family backgrounds.Since her mother left, Ling Yi has been unable to eat or sleep, and has become weak and sickly.At that time, the nanny of the charlotte web CBD gummies Ling family was a little girl who had only graduated from school for two years.The nanny thought that if Ruan Qingzhi left, she would have a chance to take up the position.She was full of admiration for Ling Hua, who was handsome and golden.The male host, who received a high salary but neglected to take care of the young Ling Yi, used the milk Ling Yi drank for breakfast to wash his face.There was a time when Ling Hua was CBD gummies market out of the country and there was no one in the country.The nanny even imagined that she had become a mistress, and what is delta 8 CBD gummies regarded Ling Yi as a little bastard left by her husband s ex wife, and pinched many green marks on the little Ling Yi.

Ling Yi should not have many outdoor hobbies.Feng Chu likes rock climbing, racing, horseback riding, and shooting.Although he is pampered, his hands are CBD pharm gummy bears blue razz not as tender as Ling Yi s.You really are, Feng Chu didn t know how to say it.There are many disasters and diseases.After the meal, Feng Chu sent Ling Yi back to his residence, and Ling Yi occasionally took a half hour nap.Feng Chu suddenly remembered an important thing Do you need me to take your clothes and bedding What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies to wash This is also within the scope of the nurse s work.Nurse Deng came over last night, and she helped high tec CBD gummies me take it to the wash.Now Nurse Deng has not completely resigned, and will officially leave at the end of the month.Ling Yi put the green plum wine hidden in the sweater into the refrigerator, Nothing this afternoon.See you tomorrow.

The weather has been too cold these days.Seeing that Ling Yi has no scarf, she wanted to buy a new scarf for Ling Yi, so she took Ling Yi to the mall.Annette sometimes has a lot of work pressure, and her way of relieving is youtube CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies shopping, buying a lot of clothes or shoes that can never be cut off to wear, and the cloakroom is always full.Now she CBD gummies 125 always feels that she owes her children, so she took Ling Yi to try a few sets of clothes I ve been too busy taking care of the children in the past two years.After the assistant who worked with Ava left, I often forgot to pay you living expenses.Will your father treat you badly in life Ling Yi doesn t need much in this regard, he lives a simple life, and that s not what he wants most.It s What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies okay.Ling Yi said, It s not too bad.Annette felt sad, she knew that Ling Yi was not familiar with herself and would not tell herself all his experiences in detail.

Ling Yi was still very young, and the blind time in the past was only a short journey for him, and Feng Chu was just in his prime, so both parties had a lot of time and energy to get along.And best CBD gummies for brain fog the relationship between the two is still very short, and they will experience more in the future.They will accompany each other to many places and experience more things.He looked at Ling Yi seriously, and finally walked towards Ling Yi slowly.Ling Yi raised his eyes and saw Feng Chu, he stretched out his hand to Feng Chu.Feng Chu pulled Ling Yi up.Ling Yi smiled slightly Mr.Feng.Huh I just watched you come over and thought to myself, if I saw you for the first time, I would probably fall in love with you at first sight.Chapter 87 Extra When Yi Lingyi returned home, she was almost stunned when she saw the lawn full of flowers and small strings of lights.

Feng Chu was too lazy to look at the two of them, so he took a napkin and wiped shatter gummies 75 mg CBD off the water stains on Ling Yi s body Ling best CBD gummies royal CBD Yi, do you have anything to do what are CBD edibles gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Ling Yi s complexion was snow white, and she was in a trance.Hear the sounds around you.Feng Chu didn t know what the two of them did to Ling Yi, and now he almost lost his mind due to his anger.The restaurant manager just saw that there was a conflict here.Han Lanru s husband often came to eat tranquil leaf CBD gummies where to buy Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies at this restaurant.The restaurant manager knew his worth and knew that this was a customer he couldn t afford to happy hemp CBD gummies reviews offend, so he didn oros CBD gummies for ed t come to mediate at first, and now he saw Feng Chu After doing something to Han Lanru, he came over with the waiter.This man hurt my wife I m going to call the police You guys kick him out The restaurant manager saw that Feng Chu was tall and strong.

Feng Chu took off Ling Yi who invented keoni CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies s earphone What are you listening to Nothing, Ling Yi raised his head how long does CBD gummies stay in urine slightly, he could smell the salty sweat on Feng Chu s body, and the male hormones on yuppie CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies the other side would always make Ling Yi nervous.In a contradictory way, Ling Yi wanted to get closer, so Ling Yi gently pressed kentucky best CBD gummies Feng Chu s body, Mr.Feng went to the gym Well, I regal labs CBD gummies m sweating.Ling Yi said softly Why didn t Mr.Feng take a bath and come back I want to come back and take a bath.Feng Chu s body is a sexy bronze color, and Ling Yi s slender fingers are particularly fragile and 20mg gummies CBD white against the background, How did you sleep last night It s okay.Ling Yi gently pushed Feng Chu, Mr.Feng, go take a shower.Feng Chu came out after a cold shower.After he came out, he had already put on all his clothes and looked serious as usual.

Liu is really irritable.I don t know how Mr.Ling offended him.He insulted Mr.Ling over and over again.Today, he overturned the dinner plate in front of Mr.Ling.Feng Chu looked at Ling Yi s clothes with wet marks I ll take you CBD gummies saskatoon back to your room.Ling Yi didn t seem to have much energy now, he smiled listlessly, and was reluctant to open his CBD gummy subscription mouth to say more things Thank you.The door of the room can be heal CBD gummies unlocked with a fingerprint or a password.Feng Chu already knew the room password, so he opened the door.Ling Yi put the guide stick aside, he first took off his dirty beige wool cardigan, and Feng Chu took the clothes that Ling Yi handed over.Inside is a white T shirt.Ling Yi is really thin.It is said that he was thinner before, but he has been better in his regular life in the sanatorium.The clothes at the waist were obviously empty, and one could imagine how slender this place would be.

He raised his head slightly Mr.Feng, why are you here Haven t worked for the past two days No work for the past two days, tomorrow is the weekend.Feng Chu stroked Ling Yi s soft hair, It s too cold outside, Go back to your room.Ling Yi was a little puzzled, he clearly remembered Feng Chu telling himself a few days ago that he was very busy recently, is all this work done why do i feel high from CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Ling Yi said Mr.Feng, let me help you build a tent together.Feng Chu looked at Ling Yi Your hands will be frozen.Ling Yi shook his head I just put on gloves.Mrs.Zhao saw Feng Chu didn t want Ling Yi to get cold outside, so she hurriedly said, Xiaoyi, you haven t finished your meal.Mr.Feng, have you eaten dinner If you haven t, come over and have hot pot together.Before Feng Chu came After dinner, he nodded to Mrs.Zhao Thank you, I have already used it.

Ling Yi took a sip with suspicion.He put pheel goodz CBD gummies down the small bowl in his hand and took Feng Chu s cup of succulent grapes Thank you, Mr.Feng.Feng Chu peeled a fig for Ling Yi.The flesh of the fig is very delicate, and it has a very fragrant aroma when it is fully cooked, and the taste is very sweet.Ling Yi took a bite of the fig with Feng Chu s hand.Because he couldn t see, the first bite hit the pulp, and the second bite hit the black owned CBD gummies pulp of Feng Chu s middle finger.Ling Yi didn t realize that should i use CBD oil or gummies do CBD gummies help you sleep he was biting Feng Chu s hand at first, he swept it and touched a rough callus, because it felt strange, Ling Yi took a deep bite.Feng Chu rolled his Adam s apple Ling Yi, you bit my finger.Ling Yi spat out Feng CBD gummies starter Chu s finger blankly, swallowed the pulp, took out a cotton pad from his pocket and wiped Feng Chu s hands I m sorry.

The Feng family has invested in private hospitals, and the nursing home where Ling Yi works has Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies cooperated with these hospitals a lot.Most of the doctors here are top domestic doctors.One of the reasons why Feng Chu didn t ask a doctor to treat Ling Yi again in City B was because he was worried that Ling Yi s psychological problems would worsen, and united states manufacturer of full spectrum CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies another reason was that Dr.Zhao s level was already superb.The Ling family has a certain amount of financial resources.Ling Hua is not a responsible father, but he did not treat Ling Yi too badly in material aspects.Feng Chu asked a private doctor to see a doctor wyld CBD cbg gummies review Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies in the afternoon.The private doctor went to Feng s house to examine the two CBD gummies sleep gummies old people every week.He asked the old lady and the old man s physical condition by the way, and planned to visit the two old people at home at night.

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But it was not easy for her to huuman CBD gummies amazon tell Feng Chu about these things, as if her little family was narrow minded and deliberately alienated the love of a young couple.Old Madam Feng was reluctant to mention this with a good face.She quickly pulled Feng Chu to sit down Come and eat, you haven t tasted the cooking skills at home for a long time.Mr.Feng asked a few things about the group.Feng Chu went to Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies the study cannaleafz CBD gummies near me room for breakfast and explained some things to him before leaving the Feng family.By the time he arrived at the nursing home, it was already nine in the morning.Ling Yi must have woken up at this time, and maybe he will take a walk on a path in the sanatorium.Feng Chu handed the bird s nest to Nursing Liu, and specially ordered the chef of the sanatorium to cook a cup of milk bird s nest every day for Ling Yi as a snack.

But they can only fall in love, Absolutely cannot get married, and our family cannot let such a man enter the door unless you and I are both dead.Chu Manwen was surprised for a while If you are so greedy, of course you can t let him enter the door casually.If you don t enter the door, you can just do this.Can you purevera CBD gummies be filial to you after entering the door By the way, how are the eyes of CBD gummies by actress this child The double eyelids are not particularly big, they look like It s very charming, I guess Feng Chu likes this look.Old Madam Feng said, I asked him whether Feng Chu usually went to his house or Feng Chu s house.He said that Feng Chu would usually go to his house, but yesterday he said that he always CBD gummies boston ma had back pains.I ll give him a new sofa and massage chair.It seems that there is nothing wrong with Feng Chu, but I haven t met anyone I like before.

After meeting Ling Yi, Zhou Zhiyuan would never choose Ling Bo, the idiot who was looking for trouble.But he couldn t stay here any longer.Dean Zhou was away at noon today, and the vice dean only gave him an hour and a half.In the evening, Zhou Zhiyuan also had a wine bureau.Since he came to City B, he couldn Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies t think of a way to green oil CBD gummies join the circle of powerful people What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies in City B.Ling Yi walked outside.At this time, the cold wind was mixed with some snow particles.He breathed in the cold air, and he felt that his internal organs were cold.Nurse Liu came over Mr.Ling, do you want to go back Ling Yi nodded.Chapter 27 Jinjiang Literature City 27 On the way back, Hugong Liu carefully followed Ling Yi s side.Today s weather is particularly cold, the ground is covered with a thin layer of snow, and almost no one comes out of the huge park.

He walked from the shower area to the sink and was about to wipe his body with a bath towel.The door was suddenly pushed open, and Ling Yi came over.Feng Chu raised his eyebrows Ling Yi Ling Yi didn t bring a guide stick.He came here entirely based on his memory of the past two days.As soon as he came in, he bumped into Feng Chu s arms.Feng Chu pressed his shoulders What are you doing here Ling Yi was a little embarrassed I just ate candy, and my teeth were stuck with sugar.I want to rinse my mouth.Nougat is too sticky, why do i feel high from CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Ling Yi s molars I was stuck with sugar, and gummies CBD oil spectrum 10 mg CBD gummies reddit now it s a little painful when I bite something.Before Feng Chu s body was wiped, cold water droplets flowed down his honey colored sexy muscles.Ling Yi couldn t see this scene at all.He turned on the faucet and rinsed his mouth.Feng Chu took the bath towel from the shelf and wrapped it around his waist.

Feng Chu reached out and took it Give it to me.He gently broke it, the huge pomegranate was divided into two, and the bright and dripping pomegranate seeds were revealed.Feng Chu took a small bowl, peeled all the pomegranate seeds into the small bowl, and let Ling Yi eat it with a spoon.Ling Yi ate slowly, and spit out the pomegranate seeds on a tissue paper gracefully.Feng Chu looked at Ling Yi s blushing lips Isn t it sweet A little sour.The doorbell rang outside, Feng Chu opened the door, and it turned out that the drink he ordered had arrived.Feng Chu saw that Ling Yi liked to drink fleshy grapes that day, so he ordered a cup today.The drink is well protected, the milk cap has not yet melted into the fruit tea.Ling Yi asked curiously, What Feng Chu poked the straw in and handed it to Ling Yi s lips Fruit tea.

He was somewhat envious of Dr.Zhao and Zhao.Madam s children must be very happy to grow up in such a family.He Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies sat by the fire and put on his headphones.Although Ling Yi blocked Su Peiwan CBD gummies for sleep reddit s contact information, he did not block Ling Hua.Ling Hua has not called Ling Yi for more than a year.The latest messages were what works quicker CBD oil or gummies sent by gummy grenade CBD Ling Hua, and now Ling Yi has time to listen to the content.Your brother is going to get engaged abroad during the Spring Festival, and there is no one at home.You should spend the Spring Festival in City B.I What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies asked the director, and he said that the nursing home will not be closed during the New Year.Try to keep a low profile in City B, and don t offend anyone., I heard at the wine yilo CBD gummies wyld CBD gummie review Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies table a few days ago that you offended Liu Tai.He used to have a lot of background.Fortunately, he went bankrupt.

Madam Zhao stomped her feet in the cold.It is easy to get cold feet outdoors in winter.Ling Yi was worried that Feng Chu didn t have dinner, so he was taken into the tent by Feng Chu Mr.Feng, are you really not hungry Feng Chu thought it was funny I told you when I first came here that I already had dinner, Are you so worried about me Ling Yi said, I m worried that you were embarrassed to eat hot pot with us and made an excuse.Feng Chu couldn t help but laugh My skin is not so thin, I have really eaten it.The temperature in the tent It s not much higher than the outside.It s too cold at night.Feng Chu put the stove very close to the folding bed.It will warm up a lot by leaning on the stove If anything happens at night, you must wake me up.Don t go out alone.Feng Chu Chu sleep is very shallow, vigilant and strong, usually he will wake up if there is any movement bob menery CBD gummies around him, but he is worried that Ling Yi s movements are very light and go out quietly.

Inside was a piece of emerald and green Guanyin.Madam Feng didn t like jade, but she was also attracted by the color of this piece.Show me the jadeite Guanyin.Chu Manwen handed the jadeite Guanyin to Mrs.Feng Mom, this is priceless.It was said that the emperor wore it in the past, but I don t know if it s true or not Be careful not to break it by mistake, if it is broken, I will have to find another replacement.Of course Old Madam Feng could see that top rated CBD gummies at has stations Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies this thing was good.Chu Manwen quickly found the pair of gold bracelets with a hollowed out blessing pattern in the Qing Dynasty to show Xiaoshu.Chu Manwen didn t say something good easily.The priceless word she said marijuana CBD gummies was just CBD gummies 250 mg definitely priceless.Gu Ruochun thought about it and followed Old Madam Feng to see it.Old Madam do CBD gummies dehydrate you Feng said This is really good, the top imperial green, the Buddha s light is CBD gummys gas station elk river transparent, and the carving is very good.

He wanted to find something to eat from the refrigerator.As soon as he came out, he turned on the light in the living room, only to find that there was someone on the sofa.He was startled, and then realized that it was Ling Yi sitting there.Ling Bo walked over with his arms in his arms Brother, Dad said that you didn t come out negative effects of CBD gummies for dinner yesterday.Why, you got angry after seeing the news Ling Yi took a sip of water, will CBD gummies make you hungry Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies now she is not in the mood to talk CBD gummies blessed to Ling Bo.Ling Bo was annoyed that yesterday s news was silently deleted, and the news has been suppressed.Except for some fans who like him and Zhou Zhiyuan, the public does not know this news.He originally why do i feel high from CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies wanted to make a bigger fuss and ruin Ling Yi s reputation.Ling Bo knew that Ling Hua had not completely disliked Ling Yi, and had a little hope for Ling Yi, so Ling Hua might have done this.

In fact, Ling Yi has always hated some arrogant men like his father, but since childhood, The men in this circle all look the same as his father.The same high above, and the same invincible.Naturally, his slight rejection can t tell Zhou Zhiyuan.Right now, he can t does CBD gummies help with period cramps use his marriage as an excuse to refuse.Feng Chu is just an ordinary person and can t stand the difficulties of the Zhou family and the Ling family.He can only use other words to politely refuse.Ling Yi shook his head Mr.Zhou s purpose is to ensure the smooth progress of the cooperation between the two CBD gummies make my stomach upset companies, right Since my father sometimes goes back on his word, Mr.Zhou wants to consolidate the relationship between the two families by means of marriage.Yes.Then I am not the best choice, Ling Yi said, It s my younger brother.

Feng Chu knew that Ling Hua would never come to him for Su Peiwan s intercession.As long as Ling Hua investigated a little, he would know that Feng Chu was the biggest driving why do i feel high from CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies force behind the whole incident.Su Peiwan has done more than this.There are also some problems in Ling Hua s company s accounts.Su black tie CBD gummies Peiwan has moved a lot of money over starpowa premium CBD 5mg gummies the years because of her relationship with Ling Hua.Feng Chu poured himself a glass of red wine Are you also paying sunday scaries CBD gummies amazon attention to your father s company I paid attention to it in the past two years.Ling Yi knows the Ling family company as much as Ling Hua, and has won people s hearts since he was a child.There are several high Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies level executives in Ling Hua s company.There is a bit of conflict with Su Peiwan.They happen to have a good relationship with Ling What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Yi, and they often reveal some things to Ling Yi, After the car accident, many relationships have travel to europe with CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies faded.

Ling Yi did not expect that Dr.Zhao would actually sell himself.In fact, Ling Yi didn t want to publicize this matter, let alone let Feng Chu know he regarded Feng Chu more as his friend in the nursing home.Talking about money between friends is somewhat inappropriate, and a little carelessness can easily breed conflicts.Ling Yi was thinking about how he should explain this matter, but Feng Chu s low voice came from his ear Thank you, I know you are kind.But Ling Yi, how can I repay you Ling Yidao Mr.Feng spends time and energy with me, CBD gummies on the plane this is what he deserves.Feng Chu saw Ling Yi pumping the straw to the top to use the milk cap, he opened the cap and used a small bottle like last time.The spoon scooped the milk cap and fed it to Ling Yi s lips My financial situation is not that bad, I can still support myself, don t worry too much about me.

Feng Chu brought the water cup to Ling Yi s lips and fed Ling Yi a sip of water.Ling Yi reluctantly took the cup over and slowly drank the water in the cup.It was too hot in the room.Ling Yi put on his coat and went outside.There was a thin layer of snow on the ground.At first, he thought this villa was very similar to the one he captain la CBD gummies lived in when he was a child.very flat.Ling Yi still remembers that there are many flowers and plants in the yard of his house, and there Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies is always a very fragrant smell of flowers and plants in spring and summer.Although the weather was cold, Ling Yi sat on the steps.After less than fifteen minutes, Feng Chu came out, took a coat and draped it over Ling Yi s shoulders It s snowing today, I can t get a 200mg CBD gummy taxi, I can t take you home tonight, I ll sleep here tonight.Let s do it.

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Okay.Meng Xihua added By the way, I ve met a few buddies recently.I ll bring them with you when I come to play with you tomorrow Ling Yi, if you also like men, I ll introduce my handsome buddy to you.Zhou Zhi is far better than Ling Bo.You are eight or nine years older, find someone your age, and I heard that older people have kidney failure.Ling Yi was slightly stunned when he heard these words from Meng Xihua.Immediately naysa CBD gummies after, a man s dangerous voice came from his side Aren t old people with kidney failure Ling Yi why do i feel high from CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies put away his phone He quickly left Feng Chu Mr.Feng, I What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies CBD oil CBD gummies m going to have a drink.Feng Chu Chu said Do you know where the water dispenser is Ling Yi I don t know.Feng Chu poured him a glass of water, but didn t hand it to him Go see the handsome guy tomorrow Ling Yi shook his head No.

The two woke up early the next morning, Ling Yi touched his mobile phone, and the mobile phone prompted him to receive a new best hemp gummies CBD text message.Ling Hua wrote back to him in the morning Don t make some messy friends, there are so many young people in the circle, it s not good to get too close to people outside the circle.Send your address to the driver and let the driver pick you up home.the expected answer.Ling Yi deleted the text message.There was no expression on his face, and his long and thick eyelashes cast a small shadow under his eyes.Many times Ling Yi felt that such a life and family was meaningless.He is different from someone like Feng Chu who is full of vitality, everything in Ling Yi Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies has not started yet, but his heart is as lifeless as charles stanley’s CBD gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies a desert.Feng Chu had already changed his clothes, so he brought Ling Yi s clothes Get dressed and go to breakfast what are miracle nutritional CBD gummies you thinking Ling Yi wandered into the sky, and unconsciously said his true thoughts I m thinking, if we get divorced next year, one day in the future I will recover and meet Mr.

Feng Chu has four assistants, and Assistant Zhang mainly takes care of Feng Chu s life.Feng Chu remembered one thing Xiao Zhang, go buy two sets of sunscreen and skin care products to eliminate freckles.Assistant Zhang was a little surprised Mr.Feng, are you going to the beach He did not see other assistants to arrange this itinerary., did not respond for a while.As a gift, Feng Chu said, his skin looks very delicate, and the ingredients are safe to choose.Assistant Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Zhang nodded Yes.As a straight man, Assistant Zhang doesn t know what kind of skin looks like It will be very delicate.As for the safety of ingredients Assistant Zhang thinks that there should be no skin care products with unsafe ingredients on the market, right Assistant Zhang immediately went to the beauty salon that Mrs.Feng often went to, and purchased zuri well CBD gummies review Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies two sets of skin care products from the director of the beauty salon.

Feng and we will sneak out.Okay.Feng Chu kissed Ling Yi s forehead, How is your hand Does it still hurt Does it hurt Ling Yi smiled How can I be so squeamish, maybe my CBD gummies for hair loss reviews skin is Medterra CBD Gummies Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies broken a bit, but it will be fine in a day or two.Feng Chu covered Ling Yi s delicate palm with his palm.Feng Chu s palm and finger pulp had thin CBD gummies pain calluses left over from long term rock climbing, a hard layer that was slightly rough.I don t know why Ling Yi s face is hot.He remembered the scene when Feng Chu helped him that day, and remembered that Feng Chu had touched his most vulnerable place with his rough fingers with thin calluses how Ling Yi forgot about it, because he rarely does this kind of thing on weekdays, right I didn t have any interest in emotional matters, Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies so I was suddenly frightened and lost my mind.I couldn t even resist, so I could only let Feng Chu tease his body at will.

The sudden arrival of the big boss made the general manager and manager of the hotel nervous.Fortunately, Feng Chu suddenly found Chu Manwen, and they were temporarily relieved.Chu Manwen raised his eyebrows and said sarcastically, Isn t this Mr.Feng who is too busy to touch the ground You said yesterday that you were not here, why did you come downstairs this morning Feng Chu lit a fire for Chu Manwen.A cigarette Ling Yi has a cold, I ll come and have a look.When will Annette leave She s leaving before Christmas.Chu Manwen took a cigarette, Don t meet her, and don t let Ling Yi get along with her.She has a lot of things to do when she meets her.Feng Chu had seen Annette s behavior a long time ago, he had never liked Annette very CBD gummies define much, and had no plans to meet her at all.After listening to Chu Manwen s organix CBD gummies words, Feng Chu raised his eyebrows Do you know something Chu Manwen shook the ash Annette is Ling Yi s mother, he didn t tell you Feng Chu speculated on this last night swiss relief CBD gummies when he realized that Ling Yi might have cried, But he couldn t be sure, because Annette had been out of the country all the time and couldn t have such an old child.

A deep and cold voice suddenly came, and Qin Li turned around and saw a tall and living CBD gummy bears handsome man.This man s aura was CBD gummies peoria il too strong, and he was half a head taller than Qin Li, which made Qin Li feel somewhat uncomfortable.Ling Yi was a little surprised, Mr.Feng.Feng Chu stepped forward and took the wine glass from Ling Yi s hand, lowered his head and kissed the corner of Ling Yi s lips Why are you drinking again Ling Yi said, Just a little.Not at all.Feng Chu took off his coat and wrapped Ling Yi in his arms as if there was no one else around.Ling Yi seemed weak and powerless in front of him, and could only be tightly wrapped by him.Qin Li didn t feel very well, he was a little angry, and then Feng Chu swept his cold and stern eyes at him, but his tone was calm as water Ling Yi, is this your friend Ling Yi nodded.

Feng Chu is now Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies in his thirties, and his personality has become much calmer.If the situation in the past few years, according to Feng Chu s rebellious and reckless personality, it must not only be a matter of throwing people out.Looking at the back of Feng Chu leaving, Dean Zhou picked up Liu Tai s broken cell phone Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies next to him Mr.Liu, do you go out by yourself, or should someone throw you out After you go out, call the police, the person who hit you is Feng Chu., you have the ability to let people arrest him.Liu Tai just saw that Dean Zhou s attitude towards Feng Chu was very respectful, and his heart beat faster just now, wondering if he had squeezed the persimmon hard, and now he heard Dean Zhou s attitude With his voice, Liu Tai suddenly froze What did he seal Feng Chu.Seeing Liu Tai stabbed such a big basket, Dean Zhou couldn t help teasing, You should have heard of his name, President Liu, I m very curious, how are you going to bankrupt the Feng family Liu Tai s 43 mg CBD gummies do they actually work or what face was black and white, but he didn t expect that what the fuck was pinching this time was not a soft persimmon, but a bomb.

We don t know how to explain it to Mr.Ling.Mr.Ling is very smart and is not someone who is easy to fool.Although Ling Yi is blind, his brain is not damaged.If Dean Zhou apologized to Ling Yi about Liu Tai s incident, and offered to upgrade his accommodation for free, thc free CBD gummies amazon Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Ling Yi would definitely feel strange.After all, this is not a hotel with room upgrades, and What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies he is not staying for one night.Besides, Mr.Ling is blind in both eyes.He has adapted to the current living environment for a long time.The decoration of the villa is complicated, so Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies I am afraid Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies it is not suitable for him CBD gummies for severe anxiety to live in, Dean Zhou said politely, Going upstairs and downstairs CBD gummy bites is for him This is a dangerous thing, and he has a strong sense of privacy, and he doesn t like other people living under the same roof CBD gummies cvs as him.When Ling Yi first moved in, the hospital originally planned to ask the nurses to live with him to prevent Ling Yi from living in the same house.

Mr.Feng is quite a person.The means, the heart is not ordinary, and the companies that go against him will end up badly.Now there are very few people who have the strength and integrity, and can count them with one hand.Most of these people are his elders, Lao Zhao., you d better not offend him.Dr.Zhao took off his glasses Then what should I do Mrs.Zhao beckoned Listen to me and you.The next day Dr.Zhao Wearing a white coat, he came to the sanatorium elegantly, and the nurses on the road saw him and said Morning Doctor Zhao.Dr.Zhao is not only skilled in medicine, but also kind, and he is very popular tko CBD gummies 500mg reviews among nursing staff in the nursing home.He went upstairs quickly, because he remembered the password of Ling Yi s room, so Dr.Zhao knocked on the door twice and planned to press What’s Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies the password.Just then the door suddenly opened.

Feng Chu s calf was pinched with distinct finger marks.Feng Chu didn t do it on purpose.In fact, Feng Chu couldn t figure out why Ling Yi s physique was so fragile.Ling Yi swallowed a mouthful of wine.Although he didn t feel Feng Chu s kiss, he felt that Feng Chu was pinching his calf.He couldn t help reminding him, Mr.Feng, my calf hurts a bit.Feng botanical gardens CBD gummies phone number Chu suddenly let go.Sorry, I m too strong.Ling Yi shook his head gently.Feng Chu said, Do you want to apply it elsewhere The Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies skin under the clothes was not smeared.Just now, Ling Yi only smeared his arms, not his front waist and back.Wait for me to come CBD gummies for lung health by myself.Ling Yi felt that the time was right, he took the two ring boxes in the drawer, grape ape CBD gummies took out the leather ring box and handed it to Feng Chu, Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies Mr.Feng, I have prepared a copy for you.The gift organic CBD gummies gluten free is here.

Feng s seal.Doctor Zhao said, Don t If you let Mr.Feng know my dog and his surname, you might suspect that I don t like him.did so on purpose.Although Dr.Zhao really did not like Feng Chu, the tyrant.Ling Yi touched the smaller golden retriever This is called Xiao Ling.Dr.Zhao Dr.Zhao looked down at the two dishes he was serving, and Neuro Boost Iq CBD Gummies made sure that it wasn t dog food tonight.If you like them, I ll send them to mayim bialik uly CBD gummies a nursing home when they re weaned.Dr.Zhao said, It s good to have a dog, and every time I come home from get off work, it will jump on me, even though the dog s hair flies everywhere.Ling Yi was a little moved.But now he can t see, it is very difficult to take care of himself, and it is even more impossible to take care of two puppies.Feng Chu was so busy with work, Ling Yi didn t want to cause trouble to Feng Chu.

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